Cybersecurity & Compliance Best-Practices

Applying business controls and processes to a cost-effective, operational cybersecurity compliance

model can be overwhelming and confusing—especially in a changing legal and regulatory

environment. RKON PE advisors have developed an implementation roadmap to help you apply cybersecurity and compliance best practices to optimize your business operations.

Changing Regulations Brings New Challenges

When dealing with cybersecurity compliance, companies want to prioritize controls, understand expectations to fulfill

requirements, interpret the expected rate of continuous improvement, and develop an implementation road map to

address significant hurdles that could arise moving forward.

Cybersecurity Meets Compliance

CCOs, CFOs, and CIOs need to understand that the cybersecurity portion of compliance is yet another

requirement to fulfill, in addition to integrated networks and security and compliance best-practice operations

and processes. All are necessary to meet regulations.

Delivering Compliance

Compliance = Policy > Controls > Evidence

Compliance, at its core, is simple. It’s a set of policies that drive controls and provide evidence to prove the controls are viable so an auditor can deliver a stamp of approval. The challenge is to determine the type of controls and execute them  in a cost-effective and timely manner. Rapid execution of compliance is realized through an approach where the tools,  procedures, and people are tightly integrated with current IT infrastructure and network and security operations, where all the necessary pieces function properly.


RKON Unlocks Compliance Complexity

Through research and analysis, RKON has determined that 95% of cybersecurity controls, regardless of the compliance  standard, are similar and overlap with controls in other standards. This breakthrough understanding has led to RKON’s  prepackaged, quickly implementable compliance-as-a-service offering. This offering is built on our intelligent mapping of required cybersecurity controls to IT, enabling control implementation and expert integration into our mature IT security  operations, tools, and processes.

Zero to Cybersecurity Compliance in 60 days with RKON

Compliance begins with a road map grounded in opportunity and ongoing maturation. Namely, policies, controls, and evidence are rolled out at a pace that satisfies regulators in a cost-effective framework. RKON has developed a turnkey cybersecurity compliance-as-a-service offering to meet your immediate needs and long-term goals in 60 days.

Added Challenges for Private Equity Firms

Compliance stands directly in the way of strategic initiatives like IPO and upstream PE buyer preferences, as well as its personal risk to fund and PE managers, based on oversight from the SEC and other regulators.

Portfolio Company Growth is Impacted

Compliance often surprises growth-oriented companies because failure to comply with standards, such as PCI, HIPAA,  SOX and more, and the inability to prove compliance can result in fines, failed operations in certain markets, and even a loss of clients or business opportunities.


Compliance Umbrella Protection

Though there are unique compliance requirements for each portfolio  
company, a portfolio-wide process grounded in three principles is needed:

  • Bundling cybersecurity and compliance into a single process that accounts for all current scenarios and controls

  • Repeatable across all portfolio companies

  • Portable execution where any goal (IPO, sell, grow) is achievable

RKON's Compliance-As-A-Service

Based on 15 years of experience, RKON has integrated compliance framework controls into our existing and  proven security and network operations processes.

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