RKON has grown to become one of the nation’s leading IT advisory practices. In 2014, RKON was featured in Inc.  Magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing private companies. Today, we continue to foster our culture of innovation with an elite team of IT experts. Our comprehensive understanding of advisory and execution practices, technology, M&A transactions, operational excellence, risk and compliance, and planning and integration supports hundreds of mid-market organizations. In this fast-changing world of technology, our private equity consultants are committed to optimizing management dynamics and delivering valuable IT solutions for our customers. 


RKON’s business relationships are grounded in our passion, integrity, and commitment to finding the best-possible solutions for our clients. We are fueled by our goal to understand and target key ways to maximize your growth potential, ensuring tremendous value creation with each and every transaction. RKON's early insight delivers exceptional, low-cost end results. 

With services that span due diligence, carve-outs, cybersecurity, and IT performance assessments, we set out to be the difference: our experts promise an actual outcome, not the steps it takes to get there. This unique approach lets organizations pay exactly what they budgeted, we integrate security and compliance from the start, deliver highly effective and scalable Quiet IT infrastructure, and remain accountable throughout the entire process to make sure you arrive at the outcome promised.

Our outcome accountable approach sets us apart from competitors and gives you all the benefits of technology without the headaches. 




Our organization was bought by a Private Equity Firm as a carve-out from our parent company. RKON was able to seamlessly execute a migration plan well in advance of the TSA and with zero downtime and business disruption. The RKON team even took ownership for things outside their scope to ensure success.


[We] want to take this moment to recognize that you guys continue to come through, and your perseverance and high level of customer service has been noted and mentioned to me on several occasions both here and at the bakeries.  Both teams are working well together, and I believe we are in good hands with [our] team and the RKON team working in concert!



With RKON, we are buying peace of mind…knowing that our applications are always up and running and we have disaster recovery from our off-site location as well as our main site.  Overall, we were so impressed with RKON's dedication and commitment to our business.





Under Jeff’s executive leadership, RKON has grown to become one of the nation’s premier IT Transformation service providers. Jeff brings his background in cloud computing, security, managed services, disaster recovery, and IT to solve the toughest technology challenges for a broad range of Fortune 2000 companies. Since founding RKON in 1998, Jeff has ensured the delivery of top solutions that empower enterprises with complete access, control, security, and scalability. Today, Jeff continues to work with clients to achieve best-in-class, technology-enabled strategies to solve IT challenges.



Co-Founder and CTO RKON PE

Marc is responsible for the company’s overall technical vision and strategy. Since co-founding the company in 1998, he has played a key role in creating many of RKON Technologies’ products and professional service offerings, as well as building the company’s internal computing platform, which serves as the basis for our cloud and managed services portfolio. Prior to forming RKON, Marc was director of engineering at LAN Systems, where he was also responsible for launching a professional services practice at WorkGroup Productivity. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in telecommunications from DePaul University.



Chief Information Security Officer

Chris Hueneke, Chief Information Security Officer at RKON, began his career in the security industry in 1995.  His professional experience includes advising and implementing global IT governance, risk, compliance and security control frameworks and solutions.  He has diverse IT risk and security experience protecting international organizations throughout the world for industries such as private equity, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and airlines.  Chris’ extensive global leadership experience includes building IT risk and security teams from the ground up and consulting on improvements in endpoint, perimeter, datacenter, and cloud security architectures.  He is a visionary leader able to communicate technology strategy, architecture, and critical risks effectively to key stakeholders, executive leadership, and boards of directors.



Managing Director RKON PE

George has over 23 years of experience in IT strategy and Operations for start-ups, the private sector, public sector, and Fortune 100. As the Managing Director, George is responsible for overseeing internal teams in all phases of project and engagement management for multiple private equity clients. His award-winning “Quiet IT” model largely benefits mid-market Private Equity Firms when fulfilling their investment expectations. His areas of specialty include services in diligence, carve-outs, buy and build strategies, M&A, turnaround, divestiture, and exit-oriented activities. Prior to joining RKON, George was a Sr. Manager of Network Operations for the State of Illinois. 



Managing Director RKON PE

David Wright is the newest addition to RKON's private equity team, bringing with him deep and proven experience consolidating technology platforms through the adoption of cloud, modern application development, and Agile. He has held senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 organizations focused on large-scale transformation, financial management, change leadership, collaboration, service delivery frameworks, process management effectiveness, and operational excellence. He has over 20 years of experience in IT infrastructure and application architecture, implementation, operations, and program management across a variety of industries, including Utilities, Service Provider, and Telecommunications. David is also a proud veteran of the British Armed Forces.



Managing Director, RKON Technologies

Jeff Laurinaitis heads up the private equity team for RKON, specifically focusing on carve-outs, M&A, value creation and IT turnarounds. As an Advisor at RKON, Jeff develops strategies around how IT can be a key enabler in reducing risk and delivering value in a shortened deal transaction cycle while consistently delivering below benchmark cost structures. Jeff’s continued success with Private Equity firms is through his ability to continuously provide his clients with well-executed IT transition plans that live up to investors’ expectations. Jeff has worked at RKON for 11 years and has helped build the company's Services Portfolio.  Jeff holds two BA degrees from the University of Illinois at Champaign.



Senior Associate of Transactional Advisory Services

Mustafa leverages his background to help convert technology into actionable financial decisions for RKON’s client base. He brings a structured financial discipline to the IT due diligence and cap-ex/op-ex planning process while creating IT financials for our clients where there was none before. Mustafa is responsible for data collection and interpretation on our diligence projects, as well as putting together a comprehensive analysis of IT financial health and industry benchmarks. Prior to joining RKON, he worked at Northern Trust’s Asset Servicing division performing portfolio monitoring and management on the Large Corporate ERISA team.

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