IT Due Diligence

Investment Thesis Alignment

Our due diligence efforts go a step further than the norm because we align our process with your investment thesis, basing our observations of risks and opportunities on your goals and not a perfect version of the gold standard of IT.  In the mid-market, where the gold standard is usually inappropriate for the nature and scope of the businesses, this alignment can prevent cost overrun and resource challenges.


IT Budget Analysis

In our experience, it is rare that mid-market companies properly account for their entire IT spend.  Our due diligence experts dig deeper into available financial information to reconstruct an actual representation of the true IT spend. For this process, we not only use traditional benchmark research, but also real-world cost information gained through our experience.


Attention to Entire IT Footprint

A typical organization spends approximately 40% of their annual IT budget on business applications, but the remaining 60% of the budget—the IT infrastructure—is often overlooked during diligence because it is not as visible to the organization as the business applications. Our diligence process gives equal attention to the IT infrastructure as it does to business applications to assure that a complete assessment of the entire IT organization is delivered.

Carveout IT Diligence


While a standard diligence focuses primarily on the present, with a deep analysis of risks and current IT spend, our carveout diligence also looks heavily into the future. We look at all aspects of IT and develop a pragmatic approach and executable plan, complete with costs and timelines, to create an entirely new IT organization appropriate for future needs.



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