Originally founded in 1939, this company started as a small food service channel and has since grown to become an independent, versatile bakery known for their delicious and high quality baked goods. In 2018, this company was acquired by a private equity firm, enabling the standalone business to focus on accelerating growth, increasing innovation, and achieving operational excellence.



After the company carve-out in 2018, RKON was brought in to lead all infrastructure and data center work streams to ensure a smooth transition. The company employed an outsourced Help Desk provider, who fell short of effectively managing and supporting assets.



Desktop Management & New User Provisioning: For new hires, RKON employed an efficient,

standardized process to set up and align new computers to our client's standards and security policies before shipping them to end users. We also implemented our Help Desk tool (Kaseya), which allowed us to remotely manage the endpoints and conduct proper asset management throughout its life-cycle.


Office 365 Administration: Our IT professionals administered all O365 tasks, including adding new users, buying licenses, creating service requests, and configure O365 services.


Active Directory Administration: RKON's help desk offered full technical support to users, including password resets and handling user accounts.


Level 1 & 2 Application Support: Our experts provided troubleshooting and ticket routing, from basic support

(level 1) to more in-depth technical support (level 2).


RKON's help desk provided much needed support and management of new systems and hires, enabling leadership to focus on growth opportunities. In fact, in Q4 2019, this company acquired another carve-out and engaged RKON's help desk to manage the transition of users into the existing platform. RKON has executed flawlessly and put our client in a great position to exit the TSA early, demonstrating our ability to handle both organic and rapid growth to provide a scalable model.