Proven Experience

Transactions involve stressful deadlines, politics, and countless interdependencies that could derail transaction initiatives. Working with a business partner like RKON PE, who has significant experience in M&As, could mean the difference between exiting the TSA on-time, or incurring excessive fees to extend the TSA.

Proven Approach and Methodology

RKON has executed over 30 carve-outs and M&A initiatives in the last two years and has been in this niche for the better part of a decade. RKON has the deep experience, scalability, and practical approaches, all of which are necessary to minimize the risk and maximize the value involved in even the most complex transactions.

Transition, turnover, and varying stakeholder demands are only a few of the complications that can derail transition efforts.

RKON has developed a proven methodology for Mergers and Carve-outs.

Legacy IT:

• Operation Lite Review

• Stability Remediation

• RKON Operations

• RKON Change Control

• Migration Preparation

• Elimination of HR


RKON Red Zone Cloud

• Expedited Transition

• Immediate Stability

• RKON Expertise

• Mature Processes

• Mature Back-ups

• Mature Security

• Visibility Monitoring



• Bolt-on ready

• ISO27001 Security

• 5 x 9’s Uptime

• Server Level DR

• App Rationalization

• Governance for

Federated Cloud Model



• Profit Center IT

• RKON IPO-ready


• SaaS ERP

• Azure Office 365

• Centralized Security

• Centralized Governance

Carve-Out Execution

Carve-outs often add to the difficulty of M&A transactions and the level of complexity that the delivery team must

manage. The creation of a stand-alone entity in a matter of weeks is daunting; moreover, the lack of cooperation from the

legacy organization or the attrition of employees creates a chaotic environment that must be overcome. RKON helps

clients to determine the most favorable level of IT sourcing and to implement the most appropriate technology for the

new business unit — all to ensure a successful day one.

Elite Team of IT Diligence and Execution Experts

Constructing a team for diligence, planning, and design that also has the ability to focus on short-term, intense analysis

and can convert abstract detailed processes into a meaningful strategy is key to success. So is profiling our consultants to

know who’s best suited to handle the stress and pressure of these projects; which creative thinkers are available to

overcome unforeseen obstacles; and who can avoid all the distractions to finish the migration and ensure that the TSA

can be exited.

Testimonial: Mid-Market Carve-out from Fortune 100 Parent

“Our organization was bought by a Private Equity Firm as a carve out from our parent company. RKON was able to seamlessly execute a migration plan well in advance of the TSA and with zero downtime and business disruption. The RKON team even took ownership for things outside their scope to ensure success.”

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